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About OCD-4-EDC

It all began when one hooker boot-wearing lady met a sexy man in drag at a party. The rest was history. They fell in love, got married, struggled, succeeded, struggled some more with kids in tow…. but they figured it out. Justin and Molly have been married for a lot of years. Too many to remember in fact! They have 2 AMAZING children. One boy, Paxton, is in tech school for the Air Force as we speak. Y’a know… just fighting for our rights and junk. You may have heard him on some of our live shows. Then there is Berkley, the 14-year-old girl. She’s nerdy, smart, mouthy (like her mother), and pretty much the best-behaved child in the universe… for the most part.

Justin and Molly are raising their kids and animals on an acreage in Iowa. They have a hobby farm filled with animals. Not enough animals, if you were to ask Molly though. They have 3 dogs (pictured from left: Walter, Mo, and Emma), 3 barn cats (Big cat, little cat, and Stampy), a steer named Moogan Freeman, and a mini donkey named Chappy. Molly also keeps chickens and ducks. Right now she has 8 ducks and 8 chickens. The family does eat the eggs, and they are the best damn eggs you can get.

The OCD fam-damnly wants you all to know that they TRULY appreciate all of your support and kind words. Hell, we even appreciate the hater’s comments, to be honest. They make us laugh, and any interactions with a post are good for us. Jokes on you fuckers! Anyway, as long as you guys keep watching us, we will keep entertaining you. Don’t hesitate to send us your ideas or thoughts on what you would like to see. We are happy to see what we can do! Love your faces to the moon and back!

Our Deepest Appreciation,

Justin, Molly, Paxton, & Berkley